Data Engineer Realtime Viewership Prediction

Data Engineer Realtime Viewership Prediction

Data Engineer Realtime Viewership Prediction

TV-Insight, Elsbethen, Austria

You like to code, data and living close to mountains? Then join us and become an integral part of our new and rapidly growing start-up here in Salzburg!

We, at TV-Insight, are a spin-off within Red Bull, working on a real-time viewership prediction product for TV broadcasters. Our clients are major European and international TV broadcasters who use our product to boost their advertising decision and drive their core business decisions based on our real-time analytics solutions.

As a data engineer you will be challenged to design, implement, and operate microservices that process terabytes of datapoints to derive viewership predictions and viewership insight for entire countries. As part of a small team, you will work closely with frontend engineers, data scientists and other backend engineers to effectively deliver novel features end-to-end. You will be responsible for the entire software delivery chain, from making architectural decisions, selecting cloud solutions to the operation of services.

You will be uniquely positioned to play an integral role in taking this small start-up to the next stage by implementing features for expanding into new markets or by shipping features that disrupt the status quo of TV research.


Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:


You will play a leading role in designing and implementing various microservices for either data ingestion or data retrieval. Services related to data ingestion are responsible for receiving, cleaning, and pre-processing vast amounts of data before entering our data-lake (BigQuery). In contrast, our data retrieval services need to be designed to efficiently query our data-lake for answering end-users’ data-analytics tasks.


You will work in a small but constantly growing team of both junior and senior engineers. Together with the team you will look for ways to improve team effectiveness and maturity of the engineering organization. You will be asked to participate in code reviews and estimation meetings. Ideally, you will coordinate and help prioritize engineering tasks with other engineers and become a valuable source for design decisions and participate in tackling challenging tasks.



Many of our backend services need to effectively scan through gigabytes of data in a matter of seconds before presenting actionable insights to our end-users. You will become an integral part in our team for designing and optimizing these data-retrieval tasks. You will decide on the right level of pre-processing required to strike the right balance between query performance and technical debt / operational complexity. In addition to optimizing queries yourself you will also guide and train other engineers in designing highly efficient data processing components.


We continuously iterate on the service we built to offer additional features, increase robustness or improve performance. You will continuously scout for new industry trends, cloud or SAAS services which could help improving our products. In addition, you will evaluate the potential of new solutions and implement small POCs to validate the expected potential.



Your areas of knowledge and expertise

that matter most for this role:

  • 3 years experience as a software engineer working on data-heavy products
  • Coding skills in Python- or a JVM-based language (especially Kotlin or Java)
  • Ability to write & design efficient and maintainable SQL statements (e.g. Google BigQuery)
  • Experience working in an agile team with continues delivery practices
  • Experience with running production workloads on top of major cloud providers (esp. Google Cloud)
  • Hands on experience with Apache Airflow is a plus
  • Experience with Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with stream processing framework is a plus (e.g. Apache Flink, Kafka Streams, etc.)
  • Bachelor / Master's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or technical college (HTL)
  • Fluent in English
  • Travel 0-10%


Got what it takes?

In your application we want to see your personal style - what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us.

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